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Notice: Café CHAOS Readers: Café CHAOS content has been moved and will now be accessible only for members of The Standish Group. Fortunately, the Standish Group is offering free basic membership.  This membership includes:

  • ·       Café CHAOS blog posts
  • ·       CHAOS Tuesday podcasts
  • ·       Advice (formally pm2go content)
  • ·       Legacy CHAOS reports (1994 to 2015)
  • ·       General research reports
  • ·       EZ-ROI 
  • ·       EZ-Optimix for Single Project (limited features)

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Please note that (Café CHAOS) will go offline forever on August 31, 2019.

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Jennifer Lynch is Communication Manager for The Standish Group. Jennifer’s expertise is to create and execute an industry, press and customer communications strategy designed to increase the visibility and awareness of The Standish Group, its products, services, and corporate citizenship initiatives.

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