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The following are comments on the back cover of “The Good Mate: How Understanding Team Relationships Can Make You Happier and More Productive” workbook. This workbook will be given out our next Good Mate Workshop. The Standish Group will hold a Good Mate Workshop in Burlington, MA (USA), at the classroom and will run from 9AM to 2PM. For more information go to our event page or sign-up in our store

“Jim and Evan have provided a valuable set of insights and tools for you to learn about teams and how to become a team member—a “teammate,” in their terminology. Jim has experienced the surge in success, value, and productivity resulting from team-based development. For years, his “CHAOS Report” has statistically chronicled those improvements. For his part, Evan has seen the devastation that role-based reward systems wreak on marriages, families, and communities. He brings to the table the experiences, techniques, and ideas that result in successful team-based thinking.”

~Ken Schwaber, Agile Manifesto signatory, Scrum creator and evangelist

“The Good Mate is our attempt to provide you with some basic guidance about how to behave and interact with your other teammates as an individual in a self- directed team. The Good Mate provides 50 basic skills you can use to improve as a teammate to make your self-directed team a success.”

~Professor Jim Johnson

“Our goal is to help you learn the skills and tools that we know work in successful relationships.”

~Professor Evan Sorensen

“In their work, Jim Johnson and Evan Sorensen have created a hands-on approach from the perspective of the individual team player and how they can contribute in building successful and self-directed teams.”

~Prof. dr. Steven De Haes, Antwerp Management School – University of Antwerp

How understanding team relationships can make you happier and more

To get the workbook come to our workshop: sign-up in the store

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