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In a recent meeting at the Boston CTO (chief technology officers) the members in attendance overwhelmingly expressed concern about the negative effects of the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) ruling to end Net Neutrality (Open Internet) and replace it with the Restoring Internet Freedom order.  The Boston CTO Club members are highly educated, experienced, and knowledgeable about a wide range of technical issues.  Most of the members have their PhD from MIT.  They are also a non-political body and are some of greatest innovators in the world. Their passionate rebuff of the FCC order should not go unnoticed.  Those are the facts; the rest is my personal opinion.

Since Net Neutrality was implemented we have become a nation of innovators. In almost every Starbucks from coast to coast young entrepreneurs work, display, and sell their latest inventions. The Cambridge Innovation Center is the home of hundreds of new innovations and young companies.  It is the model for similar centers such as the Dunkworks at Woods Hole or Greentown Labs.  These innovation centers and others like them are the future.  These companies are in the forefront of a better environment with clean air and water.  They are the forefront of an improved healthy population with new medical innovations. They are in the forefront of better communications and work environments.  They will create the next Internet and make your life better. They also are non-political. 

Neither the Boston CTO Club nor the hundreds of small start-ups in the innovation centers have batteries of DC lawyers and lobbyists. They do not have a war chest of money to support political causes or politicians. They are just heads down in the weeds of technology trying to come up with the next invention to change the world.  They are doers, not the talkers. They do not talk political foolishness. They just walk the walk. The Restoring Internet Freedom order is an oxymoron. This is a foolish order. This foolish order will hurt these very talented people and fragile organizations. This foolish order will stifle innovation.  

Join me in me in telling your senators, congressional representatives, governors, state and local politicians to stop this foolish order and keep the Internet for everyone.    Sen. Barbara L’Italien (D-Andover) has filed the bill to preserve the current status inside the Commonwealth.  See Boston Herald story on her bill.  You can e-mail her at: e-mail: barbara.l' or Tweeter: @teambarbara

Let’s keep the Internet really free. 

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