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On July 7 Orlando, Florida, The Standish Group will participate in the 10th International Multi-Conference on International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS) Conference. IIIS is a multi-disciplinary organization for inter-disciplinary communication and integration. The main purpose of the IIIS is to foster knowledge integration processes, interdisciplinary communication, and integration of academic and commercial activities.  The Standish Group will have 3 presentations:

7:45 AM: Keynote: CHAOS Chronicles, focusing on failures and possible improvements in IT projects In this keynote talk, Jim Johnson and Hans Mulder will provide a history of the creation of the CHAOS Reports and the current database.  The team will discuss the latest lessons learned and current findings.  In addition, the team will talk about the future of CHAOS research and the new opportunities with the CHAOS University System.

10:20 AM Breakout: The Next Step of IT Project Research in Practice: The CHAOS University System. In this talk, Jim Johnson and Hans Mulder will outline the new CHAOS University System, which is a partnership with The Standish Group, University of Antwerp, and the Antwerp Management.  In this session the team will outline the major features and benefits of the partnership.  We also sketch out the education components for master and doctoral programs. In addition, we talk about the opportunities for consulting and commercial work.

4:15 PM Breakout: The Marriage of CHAOS Research with Normalized Systems Theory. In this talk, Jim Johnson and Hans Mulder will show how the CHAOS Database and Normalized Systems Theory fit together.  First we will show the components of the CHAOS Database, do a live demonstration, and show a single project assessment.  We will provide an overview of the adjunction process. Then we will define and show the components of Normalized Systems. We then show a benchmark of Normalized Systems projects and compare them against the wider CHAOS Database.

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