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A year and half ago we created PM2GO.  The purpose of PM2GO was to take much of our advice stored in the CHAOS Knowledge Center (CKC) and create microblogs. The idea was to have a daily blog with a single subject that a person could read and digest in just a few minutes.  We wanted to get right to point, deliver the advice, and let people get on with their day.  We also planned to have enough advice that people could search and find things they needed easily.  Additionally we invited other people to contribute to the daily blog.  It worked and everyday people rely on PM2GO to find advice and get their daily dose of PM Wisdom. 

Today as of this writing we have almost 800 microblogs from over 50 contributors.  We decided to create a special membership. A PM2GO Membership helps the project manager and other IT professionals maintain their certification by means of a convenient, economical, and rewarding technique. By spending just six minutes a day, a PM2GO membership helps the PM to maintain their certification and educational development needs. Each registered member of PM2GO gets a daily message in the form of a random microblog.  Again these microblogs get right to point, deliver the advice, and let the PM get on with their day.

Once the PM has read the blog, the PM will then state they read the microblog and answer a few simple questions confirming they read the microblog. They will get 1 point for every confirmed microblog. When they reach 10 points they will be issued a professional development unit (PDU) and sent a report listing the microblogs they read.  The purpose of PM2GO membership is not for advice. The advice is free. The purpose is to delivery a daily microblog, confirm the PM read it, and document the activity.  Documenting the activity is one of the hardest parts of maintaining the certification.  PM2GO makes documentation easy as pie.

The other big benefit of a PM2GO membership is cost. The average cost of a PDU is $75.00.  This cost is for dinners, seminars, travel expenses and other related cost. This means 20 PDUs cost $1,500 or $4,500 for 60 PDUs. The cost of a PM2GO PDU is a fraction of this cost.  In fact, your first PDU is free.  Time is another big benefit.  PM2GO is all net time.  Other PDUs require non-productive time such as travel and away from work or home.  This should be considered gross time.  PM2GO works in 6-minute intervals.  This means you can earn PDUs during coffee breaks, waiting for the movie to start. You can even earn your PDUs on the bus.  You can earn PDUs in bed as you lie, for earning PDU with PM2GO is as easy as pie.

For your free PDU, please register here

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Jennifer Lynch is Communication Manager for The Standish Group. Jennifer’s expertise is to create and execute an industry, press and customer communications strategy designed to increase the visibility and awareness of The Standish Group, its products, services, and corporate citizenship initiatives.

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