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A cameo is brooch or necklace typically with a low-relief engraving of woman’s profile on onyx or other semi-precious stone.  A cameo role is a minor part played by a prominent performer in a single scene of a motion picture, a television play or radio program. The current format of CHAOS Tuesday program has a single cameo.  Our cameo is a one-minute talk from one of our guests.  Here are some examples of recent CHAOS Tuesday cameos.

CHAOS Tuesday #87 David Struman said, “Every time you bring someone in you cause a shift in the culture.   I think you want to create a culture, but I am not trying to bring people in that fit into that culture.  I am trying to bring people in that compliment the culture.”  To hear David’s full cameo go to CHAOS Tuesday #87.

CHAOS Tuesday #86 David Bicknell said, “I would have thought as far as having multiple executive sponsors is concerned is fine as long as everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet and have coherent views that are insyc with each other.  If you have executive sponsors that have different goals, reasons, or depth of support puts the project at risk.” To hear David’s full cameo go to CHAOS Tuesday #86.

CHAOS Tuesday #85 Lou Vianna said, “Complexity is several factors and some of them are the number of people that interface with your project.  Complexity also includes culture and hidden agendas.  On top of these factors is the dynamic nature of the project.”  To hear Lou’s full cameo go to CHAOS Tuesday #85.

CHAOS Tuesday #84 Ellen Hancock said, “I was able to contain it with my portfolio and show the IBM Company that given all the things I was managing my bottomline was postive.  So, they did allow some risk.” To hear Ellen’s full cameo go to CHAOS Tuesday #84.

CHAOS Tuesday #83 Jeff Sutherland said, “In 2001, we wrote the Agile Manifesto and it had 4 values. The first value was that individuals and teams is the key to performance and they are more important than process and tools. The second value was working code at the end of short iterations is much more important than large amounts of documentation.” To hear Jeff’s full cameo go to CHAOS Tuesday #83.

On first CHAOS Cameo was on November 4, 2014 on Show #67 with Thornton May providing the small part with idea-based operations.  Other cameos included Joseph Raynus, Ed Tobin, Richard Mark Soley, and Gloria Larson.





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