Once upon a time in the world of green dragons, a blue dragon was born.  At first the dragon’s parents were upset that their baby was blue, not green like all the other dragons, but they were happy that their baby dragon was healthy. They named their new baby dragon Bleu. During the first 12 months of every dragon’s life they breathe regular air, so except for Bleu’s color, this young dragon was like all the other growing dragons. But on the 13th month, dragons start to breathe fire. Not Bleu, though. Instead of a fiery breath, Bleu’s breath got colder and colder until Bleu started to breathe ice. Bleu still wanted to play with the other dragons, but Bleu’s cold, icy breath froze their fire breath. The green dragons would all run away from Blue so they could catch their fire breath. None of the other dragons wanted to be near Bleu.

Far, far away in another part of the world of green dragons, a red dragon was born. Like Bleu’s parents, the red dragon’s parents were upset by the baby’s color, but they were happy that the dragon was healthy. They decided to call their new baby dragon Ruby. Almost immediately after birth, Ruby’s breath grew extremely hot.  So hot, in fact, that Ruby’s breath would put out the breath of any dragon that came near. When Ruby approached other dragons, Ruby’s intense, fiery breath would overpower their normal hot breath and they would run away to catch their fire breath. Like Bleu, Ruby could never play any games or be around other dragons.

Bleu was very sad and lonely. Bleu had no companions or friends.Bleu could only talk to other dragons for just a few seconds until Bleu put out their breath. Bleu decided to search the world of green dragons for another blue dragon.  So Bleu traveled from dragon village to dragon village in search of a new companion. At one village Bleu was told of a red dragon that was also different.Bleu decided to find the red dragon.

Ruby was also sad and lonely. Ruby had no companions or friends. Ruby could only talk other dragons for just a few seconds until Ruby put out their breath. Ruby decided to search the world of green dragons for another red dragon.  Ruby traveled from dragon village to dragon village in search of a new companion.  At one village Ruby was told of a blue dragon that was also different.Ruby decided to find the blue dragon.

Bleu and Ruby wandered for many months in search of each other, leaving messages at each village. Whatever village Bleu and Ruby traveled to, the green dragons there would tell them they had just missed each other. They would let the village dragons know where they were heading next. They used these clues and finally they found each other.  They stared at each other. Then Ruby breathed hot fire at Bleu to see if Bleu would run away. Bleu breathed frozen ice at Ruby to see if Ruby’s flames would go out. Neither happened. Then at the same time Bleu breathed frozen ice at Ruby and Ruby breathed hot fire at Bleu. Together Bleu and Ruby had a steamy relationship from the very start. 

This is a special post for Saint Valentine’s Day. Saint Valentine’s Day celebrates love and is a day dedicated for lovers. Dragon2Dragon is a love story and it is our gift to lovers.  Lovers around the world can rejoice in the knowledge that love conquers all hardships.  For the wantabe lover the lesson is there is a mate for everyone. Dragon2Dragon is also our gift to the children of world.  Dragon2Dragon is written as a children’s story. In Dragon2Dragon there are three basic physics lessons. Moral lessons include perseverance pays off, there is a friend for everyone, and being different is not the end of the world. 

Dragon2Dragon was written by Jim Johnson

Illustration by Michel Johnson

Colleen Frye and Jim Crear edited the story

Editor's Note: The business moral of the story is finding the right teammates can make all the difference in your world. 

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day


The Standish Group International owns the copyright of Dragon2Dragon. All rights reserved.



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