We just launched our new website. The new website is totally new outside and inside.  Outside we have new graphics, a new video, and new links to our various services such as Cafe CHAOS, CHAOS Tuesday, PM2GO and Dezider.   We have a new sample research page without the need to register.   On this page we will display a few sample reports that reflect the types of reports and services within the various Standish memberships. You can add yourself to our mailing list to get news and announcements.  You can also become a Standish member by going to our store and buying a membership.  The store also has some special individual reports.

Inside, the new website is streamlined for you to be able to find things quicker. For example we have created a new improved dashboard.  The dashboard has six quick links:

1.    Charts:  This link brings you to the current 12 most important CHAOS charts including project resolution by size, industry, project type, current factors of success and agile versus waterfall resolutions.

2.    Reports:  The new report section displays the 12 most current and important research reports.  These reports include the current CHAOS Manifesto, CHAOS research, Factors of success, and other software project research reports.  The Standish Group, with this new website is focused more on providing one new or updated report per month.

3.    SURF Database:  We have taken the 20 most popular and important project management questions from the DARTS and other research data to create a dynamic database.  Members can query the database by selecting on any question items and selected analysis.  Currently the link is grayed out because we are still collecting our initial surveys.

4.    CHAOS Knowledge Center:  This link brings you to the various services within the Knowledge Center, such as case studies, checklists, book reviews and commentaries.  You can also get to the Best Practices and How Tos through this link.

5.    Best Practice: This link brings you to the 100 best practices segmented by the CHAOS Factors of Success. Each best practice has three elements for a total of 300 elements. You can also get to the Best Practices through the CHAOS Knowledge Center link.

6.    How Tos: This link brings you to the 100 How Tos to implement the best practices also segmented by the CHAOS Factors of Success. Each How To has four suggestions for a total of 400. You can also get to the How Tos through the CHAOS Knowledge Center link.

The website is designed to be more mobile friendly and easy to navigate.  At Standish Group our main focus is to provide you, our customer, with the latest in innovative thinking and publishing its results. We hope this new website design and its contents will do that. Your opinions are important to us. Please let us know what you think by going to the “Tell Me” section. 

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Jennifer Lynch

Jennifer Lynch is Communication Manager for The Standish Group. Jennifer’s expertise is to create and execute an industry, press and customer communications strategy designed to increase the visibility and awareness of The Standish Group, its products, services, and corporate citizenship initiatives.

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