Week of September 22, 2014

Sep 22, 2014

Our Next CHAOS Tuesday:

September 23: CHAOS Tuesday #61: is titled “Toxic Person”.  A toxic person can demoralize other team members. The notion of toxic comes from the idea of poisoning the well so others cannot drink from it.  In this program, Evan Sorensen helps us understand how to deal with a toxic person.  Evan is the founder and director of the New England Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy.  In addition to Evan, Lee Cunningham will explain how agile management tools fit into the wider environment of the application life cycle.

Last Week’s PM2GO Advice Posts:

Delayed Decisions: David Saul suggests the executive sponsor get the team to make decisions early.

The Plan Business Problem: The Standish Group suggests that the full project plan should have a preamble…

Productive Laziness: Peter Taylor suggests that project managers need to ‘work smarter and not harder’ and should take the approach of ‘productive laziness’

Negotiate Power: The Standish Group suggests all power resides and emanates from the executive sponsor whether or not he or she realizes this fact.

Tension: As Bill Niemi says, “The executive sponsors are always creating tension between the technical development team and the business people.” 

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