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Buffalo Jump

The American Buffalo would jump over a cliff rather than step out of alignment with the rest of the herd. Hunters steered the buffalo and drove them over a cliff, breaking their legs and rendering them immobile. Tribe members were waiting below to finish them off.  A growing body of project management professionals has been promoting the virtues of institutional alignment. The definition of Institutional alignment includes governance, partnership, value analytics, communicative/interpersonal, and HR.  A… Read more


Today we released the SURF Database. SURF stands for Standish User Research Forum and has 3,000 members.  The SURF database is a single perpetual and active survey database that contains 20 questions with multiple sub-questions with a variable number of answer choices. A key feature of the database is the ability to be able to select any answer choice to narrow the view. For example question #12 asks “Do you require your project managers to… Read more

Your Best Friend

By Lee Gesmer I’ve often advised vendor-clients that one of the best ways to protect themselves is to include an acceptance clause in their agreements. This can be accomplished either through an explicit acceptance clause or a short warranty period, which can function as a de facto acceptance clause. For some reason, many customers seem to forget about the acceptance clause, giving the vendor a strong defense to a claim of breach.This is what happened in Samia… Read more

CHAOS Manifesto Review

This week we officially released the CHAOS Manifesto 2014: Value versus Success & orthogonal. This CHAOS Manifesto is unlike previous CHAOS Manifestos. It is not just a subset of the online version of the CHAOS Chronicles, known as the CHAOS Knowledge Center (CKC). Rather, CHAOS Manifesto 2014 offers an orthogonal view of the CHAOS Knowledge Center and focuses on project value versus project success. The Standish Group is very excited about changing the conversation from… Read more


We just launched our new website. The new website is totally new outside and inside.  Outside we have new graphics, a new video, and new links to our various services such as Cafe CHAOS, CHAOS Tuesday, PM2GO and Dezider.   We have a new sample research page without the need to register.   On this page we will display a few sample reports that reflect the types of reports and services within the various Standish memberships. You… Read more

Hot Air Rises

Some may think PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch—like a balloon full of hot air. But it really stands for a government committee called Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, generally made up of U.S. Senators that are full of hot air. But something in Washington is changing. And these senators are not only hot; they are on “FIRE” with technology.Senators McCain and Levin are hot on Defense Acquisition Reform, and as part of that are… Read more

Designs by Felon

We are trying to stop the theft of functional designs of software. About two years ago I  [Hans Mulder] was asked, as experts for the courts, to examine a case in which three former employees developed a functional design for a fuel credit card system in only 11 days. This time span was remarkable short compared to the 1.2 million dollar and two year investment of their former employer to develop the functional design in… Read more

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