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Your Worst Foe

By Hans Mulder The Standish Group has said many times that users can be your best friend or your worst foe. Once again, the Dutch government has another challenged IT project. Besides loss of taxpayers' money, the failure of the system has a direct consequence for citizens with physical limitations, who are completely dependent on timely and correct payment of their healthcare needs. As of January 1st of this year, the Dutch law was changed. Before… Read more

Triple Play

The Standish Group is providing three important services around our Factors of Value research.  The purpose of the Factors of Value research is to consider elements that have a high likely to increase the value of your software project investments. 1.              The first service is a Factors of Value video.  The seven-minute Factors of Value video outlines the Top Ten attributes that return the highest value of IT projects and investments.2.              The second service is a… Read more

Money Pit

 We just released the Money Pit: The True Cost of a Project. The purpose of this research note is to consider the true cost of a project. This research note also updates the original 2012 The True Cost of a Project white paper. For this report we examine the cost of two similar projects in the Standish database undertaken in two very different environments—a mature institutional environment (Fat) and an agile environment (Lean)—against the true… Read more

Fat versus Lean

A new research report coming out soon is titled Money Pit: the true cost of a project.  In this advanced research report we are using Fat and Lean for the names of the two projects profiled in the report. Let us first define what we mean by fat in the context of this paper.  Fat to us is the part in a project that provides little to no value.  Many people justify larger projects based… Read more

Two By Four

In the real estate business they use comps to price a house for sale. If the house next door sold for $300,000 and the house across the street sold for $350,000.  Then this data is used as a starting point for your home.  In the IT business we use thousand lines of code (KLOCS).  If you think about this it would be like pricing your home by the number of 2 X 4s used.  We… Read more

Tools for Fools

We just released the Tools for Fools research report. Tools for Fools looks at Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management Solutions (EPPMS).  Tools for Fools report is an advanced thinking research report.  The purpose of this report is to present five years of research on the value of EPPMS.  In this report we consider if EPPMS increases the value of project investments. In this report we consider if EPPMS increases customer satisfaction of your project investments. … Read more

Maxim of the Show

A maxim is a short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct.  During most CHAOS Tuesday Shows we have a maxim.  The show maxim bit started on May 14, 2013 with Show #5 titled Collaborating.  The  maxim was from Robert Holler, CEO and Founder of VersionOne.  Mr. Holler was our guest on the show and started the tradition. Robert’s maxim was “Communicate, colaborate, facilidate, and succeed”.   Since show #5 almost every CHAOS… Read more

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