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Hot Air Rises

Some may think PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch—like a balloon full of hot air. But it really stands for a government committee called Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, generally made up of U.S. Senators that are full of hot air. But something in Washington is changing. And these senators are not only hot; they are on “FIRE” with technology.Senators McCain and Levin are hot on Defense Acquisition Reform, and as part of that are… Read more

Designs by Felon

We are trying to stop the theft of functional designs of software. About two years ago I  [Hans Mulder] was asked, as experts for the courts, to examine a case in which three former employees developed a functional design for a fuel credit card system in only 11 days. This time span was remarkable short compared to the 1.2 million dollar and two year investment of their former employer to develop the functional design in… Read more

Sneaky Bear

If you are only listening to the sound of your own footsteps you will never hear the bear sneaking up on you.  There has been much discussion around IT alignment with the business.  I believe that true IT alignment is neither possible nor advisable.  As Werner Heisenberg would say you can either know where you are or know how fast you are going, but you cannot know both. The only way IT can stay aligned… Read more

Hangar Queens

A hangar queen is an airplane that is used for spare parts and rarely flown. Air force squadrons are often evaluated on the percentage of fighter airplanes ready for flight each month. However, given the scarcity of spare parts, every squadron has one or two hangar queens. A few days before the end of the month some squadrons’ maintenance crews will take parts off working airplanes and put them on the hangar queens to get… Read more

One Less Problem

A current popular song is titled "Problem".  Part of lyrics goes: Head in the clouds, Got no weight on my shoulders, I should be wiser and realize that I've got one less problem without ya!  In his book the Laws of Subtraction: 6 Simple Rules for Winning in the Age of Excess Everything, Matthew May talks about removing insignificant activities. Dan Ward in his book FIRE, Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained, and Elegant Methods Ignite Innovation talks… Read more

User Experience

Last week Apple announced the iPhone 6 and the iWatch.  Apple is the master of the user experience design.  They build products that people want to use rather than have to use.  I want to use my MacBook Air. I never wanted to use my Windows PC, but did so to do work.  Our current CHAOS Tuesday is titled the “User Experience”.  Ninety (90%) percent of CIOs agree that the user experience is the most important part… Read more

Better PM

One of the least visible aftermaths of WWII was the managerial capability developed by America. Many of those wise ways to solve problems and a lot of determination were at the base of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. As a spin-off of the Space Program, two prestigious project organizations were created: the International Project Management Association (IPMA) in Europe, 1967; and the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the U.S., 1969, thus fostering and being supported by a… Read more

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