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Maxim of the Show

A maxim is a short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct.  During most CHAOS Tuesday Shows we have a maxim.  The show maxim bit started on May 14, 2013 with Show #5 titled Collaborating.  The  maxim was from Robert Holler, CEO and Founder of VersionOne.  Mr. Holler was our guest on the show and started the tradition. Robert’s maxim was “Communicate, colaborate, facilidate, and succeed”.   Since show #5 almost every CHAOS… Read more

Factors of Value

Mario Andretti, Formula One championship driver, once said, “If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.” Is it possible for your organization to give up control to increase product delivery and gain higher values?We just released the “Factors of Value,” an advanced thinking research report.  The idea of this report is to define and explain the Factors of Value. In addition, we provide investment guidance and compare the value factors against the… Read more


It has been twenty years in the making. The Standish Group found that common measurements such as thousand lines of code (KLOCS) and function points (FPS) were neither consistent across organizations nor fully descriptive to form true normalization for effective cross organization or project comparatives.  In addition, sometime there is no code. For example, packages are purchased off-the-shelf.  Other times there is a mix of components and development. Yet, these projects are included in the… Read more

CHAOS Cameos

A cameo is brooch or necklace typically with a low-relief engraving of woman’s profile on onyx or other semi-precious stone.  A cameo role is a minor part played by a prominent performer in a single scene of a motion picture, a television play or radio program. The current format of CHAOS Tuesday program has a single cameo.  Our cameo is a one-minute talk from one of our guests.  Here are some examples of recent CHAOS… Read more

CHAOS Manifesto 2015: The Law of Diminishing Returns

Last week we released the “CHAOS Manifesto 2015: The Law of Diminishing Returns. CHAOS Manifesto 2015: The Law of Diminishing Returns  The CHAOS Manifesto report should not be confused with the CHAOS Report, which has statistics on project success and failure that we released last. This CHAOS Manifesto report has 10 broad theories, each with three concepts aimed at mitigating the law of diminishing returns. The idea of this report is not to set rules and… Read more

Six-Figure Musician

The Six-Figure Musician is a book written by David Hooper. The sub-title of the book is: How to Sell More Music, Get More People to Your Shows, and Make More Money in the Music Business.  I picked up this book to review as a companion for our CHAOS Tuesday #86 titled "Rock On".  Our main feature of this show is an interview with Marc Check.  Marc has left the Museum of Science as their CIO and… Read more

Dog Ears

On most CHAOS Tuesday shows I do a book review. The review consists of an overview of the book, my opinion of the book and a rating.  I rate the book using a 1 to 5 butterflies system.  The rating is on several dimensions such as value to project management or technology profession.  Does the book have some new ideas and theories.  Is it easy to read so that assimliation and absorbtion is intuitive.  Is… Read more

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