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Mentoring by Augmented Reality

  By David W. Johnson  As the new general manager for the Asian territory of the Sword Elevator company, Christina Yip was very concerned about the high level of accidents, and even fatalities, in the maintenance workforce for her area.  Yip felt it was her responsibility to understand the causes of the problem and thereby find a solution. She immediately set out to visit the maintenance managers and the field force to see for herself.  What she… Read more

Loonshots Reviewed

  By Jim Johnson  Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries by Safi Bahcall. I like this book and give it 5 out of 5 butterflies. It is written well, and complex ideas are presented simply. Of course, one of the reasons I like the book is that Bahcall agrees with my premise that there is no such thing as disruptive technology (see my comments in the Café CHAOS Blog… Read more


By Jim Johnson and David Johnson   Once upon a time, the principal of an elementary school, Joan Fanning, was daydreaming about how she could help her students learn more and have more fun along the way. Her husband, the Scrum Master for a software development firm, had explained the Scrum method to her, and they both thought it could be useful for her students.  He introduced her to a local Scrum trainer, and they talked about… Read more

"Improving Health by Clicks” instead of “Death by a thousand Clicks"

  by Jan Poort   Electronic Health Records (EHRs) were described as a way to make medicine better, faster, cheaper, and safer. However, an April 2019 article in Fortune, “Death by A Thousand Clicks”by Fred Schulte and Erika Fry have raised serious questions. Ten years and $36 billion later, the system is an unholy mess. Although the article does mention some positive outcomes of EHRs, the focus is to warn of the harmful results.First, physician satisfaction is important, because physicians will… Read more

Disruptive Technology is Disturbing

   By Jim Johnson   The Byzantine Empire was a world power between 324 and 1453 AD and at times included North Africa, Italy, and Rome itself. During this time the Empire was ruled by nearly one hundred emperors. It also waged dozens of wars and hundreds of battles, which required, naturally, thousands of generals. During battle campaigns, the Empire's generals needed to coordinate their attacks—and this mainly depended on outriders, since of course there was no… Read more

Presidents’ Day

by Jim Johnson      On this day we celebrate our presidents. Today, you should ask yourself “Would you make a good president? As a project or product manager what skills would bring to oval office that would be helpful? Would Scrum Master skills be helpdul. If you are a project sponsor would your skills be helpful?  These are the questions and answers I set out to find when researching my book, The Dead Presidents' Guide to… Read more

Good Mate Comments

The following are comments on the back cover of “The Good Mate: How Understanding Team Relationships Can Make You Happier and More Productive” workbook. This workbook will be given out our next Good Mate Workshop. The Standish Group will hold a Good Mate Workshop in Burlington, MA (USA), at the classroom and will run from 9AM to 2PM. For more information go to our event page or sign-up in our store“Jim and Evan have provided a valuable set of insights and tools… Read more

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