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October 21: CHAOS Tuesday #65: is titled “In the Limelight”.  Akamai Technologies and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology sued Limelight Networks over an alleged patent infringement.  This case has far reaching implications on process related patents. Our primary guest for this program is Lee Gesmer.  Lee Gesmer is a founding partner of the Boston law firm Gesmer Updegrove LLP. In our second segment, Harry Scott will discuss with us how to improve your legacy applications availability by adopting modern readiness techniques and technologies.  Harry Scott is the co-founder of Carr Scott Software. Carr Scott Software specializes in database, middleware, and modernization software.


October 28: CHAOS Tuesday #66: is titled “May I Help You!”  This show is dedicated to learning about Thornton May.  The energetic Thornton May is a futurist, author, and educator.  He leads the IT Leadership Academy, and FutureScapes Advisors, Inc.  May is a consummate research professional that has perfected the art and science of group reflection. Much of this show reports on his group reflection findings. As part of the Standish PM Appraisals we utilize group reflection. In this show we will learn about the IT Leadership Academy Value Studio and the most important lessons learned from the academy. 

November 4: CHAOS Tuesday #67: is titled “Customer Councils”.  The first segment of this show Ellen Hancock provides a discussion on the merits and uses of Customer Councils. Ellen shows us how she used customer Councils at IBM Network Systems. Mrs. Hancock worked at IBM for almost 30 years rising to the level of president and general manager of IBM’s Communication Products Division.  Disengaged users is the topic for our panel in the second segment.  Our panel delegates are, Gene Bounds, Dan Horsey, and Marilyn Smith.  Thornton May gives us an idea on Idea Based Operations. 

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