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CHAOS Tuesday #44: Why Large Projects Fail: Part 7

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Listen April 22nd starting at 11am

CHAOS Tuesday #44: Our special guests are Bob Kelley and Michael Blanford.  Bob and Michael focused on what is in it for the users and the organizations.  Making decision based on firms dates and cost controls. Preserving the user experience during a major transition, Both Bob and Michael related projects similar to a new NPAC. In this program we explore:

  • What is in it for the user
  • Firm dates & cost control
  • Preserving the user experience
  • Executive sponsor apathy and abstinence
  • Importance of testing

Click CHAOS Tuesday to listen & download

Bob Kelley has his PhD from CHAOS University having attended every class.  Bob is a seasoned CIO working for large and start-up pharmaceutical organizations.  Bob has been directly responsible for Customer Service and Distribution center operations.

Michael Blanford is a seasoned CIO for pharmaceutical and manufacturing organizations. Michael is an Information Technology and Operations leader. Michael has industry experience in manufacturing, service and software businesses in Life Sciences, Instrumentation, Telecommunications and Aerospace ranging from start-up to Fortune 100 businesses.

CHAOS Tuesday: Conversation in CHAOS brings to the forefront principal research and thought leadership in the area of best practices for business information project management. Each week Jim Johnson with co-hosts and special guests will explore distinct areas of project management.

The program will cover project cases, suggestions on how to resolve an issue, pitfalls, warning signs, book reviews, and a history of lessons learned.  Each program will dig down deep into one of the CHAOS Best Practices or a burning current issue. Jim Johnson will present special data cuts from the CHAOS research database and what they mean. The team will challenge conventional wisdom, slaughter sacred cows, and question everything.  The program will be featured on The Standish Group website.