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CHAOS Tuesday #32: Software in 30 days

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CHAOS Tuesday #32 is on how agile software development creates value.

Download this show from our new website:

Our guest is Ken Schwaber, Founder and President of Scrum Org. Ken is the co-author of Software in 30-Days. Ken talks about his book and tells why developing software fast increases value. Agile methods, including Scrum, focus on delivering software products quickly thus improving the return on value.  Agile methods consist of iterations, small groups, fast feedback, and continuous retrospectives.  The Standish Group has developed rules for Value-Based PM. Implementation of an agile process or methodology using a small project philosophy goes a long way toward adopting a Value-Based PM Environment. Scrum provides a good baseline for a Value-Based PM environment.  In this program we explore:

  • Three major takeaways from Software in 30 Days
  • Good Agile versus bad agile
  • 3 Most common Agile mistakes
  • Only do what is important [VBPM Rule#13]
  • Value coding the CHAOS Database

Part of CHAOS Tuesday: looks at resources that can be used to create and maintain a Value-Based PM Environment.

Download this show from our new website:

Ken Schwaber is the Founder and President of Scrum Org. providing resources, training, assessment, and certification for Scrum Masters and Scrum Developers. Prior to starting Ken had a software consulting business for almost 28 years. He is the co-author of Software in 30-Days: How Agile Managers Beat the Odds, Delight Their Customers, And Leave Competitors In the Dust.

CHAOS Tuesday: Conversation in CHAOS brings to the forefront principal research and thought leadership in the area of best practices for business information project management. Each week Jim Johnson with co-host Jim Crear and special guest will explore distinct areas of project management.

The program will cover project cases, suggestions on how to resolve an issue, pitfalls, warning signs, book reviews, and a history of lessons learned.  Each program will dig down deep into one of the CHAOS Best Practices or a burning current issue. Jim Johnson will present special data cuts from the CHAOS research database and what they mean. The team will challenge conventional wisdom, slaughter sacred cows, and question everything.  The program will be featured on The Standish Group website.

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