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Price of Success

In the last few days two interesting things occurred. First, some notable major project failures came across my desk. Second, we prevented two major projects from failing before they got started.A number of the project failures that came across my desk ended up in court; an example is the Pennsylvania unemployment compensation system. And while not in court yet, the Scottish police system failed after spending almost $60 million. In our Big Bang Boom report… Read more

Trump's Lesson for Sponsors

In my recent book "The Good Sponsor" I listed 10 major attributes needed to be a good project sponsor. The three most important were inspiration, perspiration, and imagination. Donald Trump’s adult and business life began as a project sponsor. Trump was a project sponsor whether he was building low-cost homes, condos in the Midwest, gaming casinos, or giant high-rise towers in midtown Manhattan. Trump often claims his projects come in OnTime, OnBudget, and OnTarget. This… Read more

Sponsor Resource Center

The Sponsor Resource Center has several products and services to improve project sponsorship.   If you are a project professional or a project sponsor we can help. For the project sponsor we have 3 resources.  First take our short 10-question evaluation. Free when you register.  Second, purchase and read our new book, The Good Sponsor and do the exercises.  The book outlines the 50 skills need to be a good sponsor and provides exercises and assessments on those skills.  Last… Read more

Delta Down

by Jan Poort      Delta Airlines lost in August 2016 about $150 million in pre-tax profits thanks to computer problems that grounded flights around the globe and forced the company to make special accommodations to get passengers to their final destinations. The cause was failed switchgear, a piece of equipment very similar to conventional circuit breakers. What was particularly notable, however, was the fact that key systems and network equipment did not automatically switch over to backup… Read more

Rio 2016, Success or Failure?

by Dr. Lou Vianna (Rio Resident)Just a few days ago, a few billion people watched an amazing spectacle. The Rio 2016 Olympics opened with a simple, sophisticated, even sublime, show. “The Girl of Ipanema” was beautifully remastered and Brazilian history was remarkably told. Later, I attended fencing finals in the Olympic Park. Russia won gold and silver medals. Well … sword was always a trick weapon for us. Brazilians are good with guns! I explain:… Read more

Saving Jimmy

The Standish Group announces the publication of Jim Johnson’s second book for children.  Saving Jimmy is a fun story about a lost boy. The Adventures of Jackie series provides easy to understand basic project management lessons aimed at children. Jackie the Squirrel is a project manager. Jackie enjoys solving problems through managing projects. In saving Jimmy, Jackie first observes Jimmy wandering around woods looking lost. Jackie decides to make a plan to save Jimmy from… Read more

Songs of CHAOS

Recently Jim Johnson and Hans Mulder spoke at the10th International Multi-Conference on International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS) Conference in Orlando, FL.  They had 3 presentations together.  The 3 presentations were:The Keynote: CHAOS Chronicles, focusing on failures and possible improvements in IT projects. In this keynote Jim Johnson and Hans Mulder provided a history of the creation of the CHAOS Reports and the current database.  The purpose was to show the evolution of the… Read more

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